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Accountability for Workplace Safety: Court Fines Recycling Company £2 Million in Fatal Loading Shovel Incident

A Hartlepool recycling company has been fined £2.15 million after a worker was killed by a loading shovel. The company failed to implement safety measures, such as separating pedestrians from vehicles.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that the company had failed to take appropriate measures to segregate pedestrians from vehicles. The HSE also found that the company had not provided adequate training to its staff on the risks associated with working with moving vehicles.

HSE inspector said: “This tragic incident could easily have been avoided if Ward Recycling had implemented simple control measures.

“Following the incident, it took the company less than a week to put in place an alternative traffic route to protect pedestrians.

“Had this been in place before the incident, Dean Atkinson would not have lost his life. Sadly, pedestrians being struck by vehicles on waste sites has caused many fatal accidents on waste sites and the industry should be well aware of the risks.”

This is a reminder of the importance of companies taking steps to protect their employees from the risks associated with working with moving vehicles. Companies should ensure that they have appropriate safety measures in place, such as physical segregation between pedestrians and vehicles, and that their staff are properly trained on the risks involved.




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