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Overhead Crane 

Max Number of Delegate: 4

Duration: Dependant on experience

Length of Certification: 3 years

Accreditation: RTITB OR INHOUSE


This programme is designed for those personnel

responsible for operating Forklift trucks of various types.

  • Intro to the Forklift truck to be used - Daily maintenance checks

  • Relevant Legislation & Regs - Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, PUWER, LOLER & L117 - Rider Operated Lift Trucks (ACOP & Guidance)

  • Pre-Use inspection & take over maintenace

  • Care of Batteries/LPG/Diesel Trucks

  • Controls & Instruments

  • Weight Assesment/Stability Factors

  • Starting, Moving and Stopping

  • Handling laden & unladen pallets

  • Operation of hydraulic controls

  • Stacking/De-Stacking - Free Standing and in racking at various heights

  • Loading and Unloading procedures

  • Safety Code Testing

  • Practical Test of Basic Operational Skills

  • Written test of operating knowledge


To provide operatives with a understanding of safe operation, pre-operational checks, legislation & dangers associated with work involving the use of overhead gantry cranes & lifting operations To enable operatives to be competent when operating and successfully pass both theoretical & practical simulated testing.


Operatives attending this course should be physically and mentally fit to withstand the rigours of training.

The course content includes awareness of periodic examinations of equipment and pre-use inspections processes

Operatives must have their own PPE for this training including the following basic items: Safety Footwear, Hi-Visibility vest, Gloves, Hearing Protection and additional items such as waterproof pants & Hi-Vis jackets recommended in case of inclement weather

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