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Very Narrow Aisle
(VNA) Man down/Man up

Max Number of Delegate: 3

Duration: Dependant on experience

Length of Certification: 3 years

Accreditation: RTITB OR INHOUSE

The distinguishing characteristic of VNA trucks lies in their steering approach. Typically, operators steer VNA trucks solely during the transition between stacking aisles. Once within an aisle, these trucks are automatically guided through wire, rail, or radio guidance systems.

The term "man down" refers to equipment where the operator remains at ground level. Conversely, "man up" entails the operator within the cab ascending with the forks and load. This facilitates quicker and more efficient depositing or retrieval of loads or stock, raised to the required picking level.


This programme is designed for those personnel

responsible for operating Very Narrow Aisle 

  • An introduction to the truck

  • Driving the truck (including narrow aisles under automatic guidance)

  • Laden and unladed maneuvering

  • Operation of the hydraulics

  • Battery care and maintenance

  • Picking up and setting down

  • Loading with the man-up function

  • Handling awkward loads


Our Fork Lift Training Course is designed to provide learners with an understanding of safe operation and pre-operational checks of counterbalance and reach forklift trucks. We will cover the relevant legislation and dangers associated with work involving the use of these types of trucks. By the end of the course, learners will be able to demonstrate competence when operating forklift trucks and successfully pass both the theoretical and practical simulated testing. Our aim is to ensure that all learners leave the course with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate forklift trucks.


Operatives attending this course should be physically and mentally fit to withstand the rigours of training.

The course content includes awareness of periodic examinations of equipment and pre-use inspections processes

Operatives must have their own PPE for this training including the following basic items: Safety Footwear, Hi-Visibility vest, Gloves, Hearing Protection and additional items such as waterproof pants & Hi-Vis jackets recommended in case of inclement weather

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